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14,5% Profit with MegaDroid during 1 month and a half

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I have some good news to you. MegaDroid robot is still alive and making big profits!

I put it on my ATC $50000 demo account and now it is 14,5% in profit. I think this is good results and it is better than FAPTurbo on IamFX for even longer period.

So the conclusion: MegaDroid is currently the best robot on the market. It is working great on all trading conditions, but you need a good broker to put it there and get money every week.

You can see trading results on the image below


I am not going to disclose my settings right now, but I will disclose them later for sure.


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  1. Posted by MarthY on Tuesday 15th June

    Hi, could you please publish or send me settings of megadroid now? Thanx and good luck!

  2. Posted by admin on Thursday 17th June

    Unfortunately, I’m not going to disclose my settings till I finish updating this website.

  3. Posted by robert kolter on Sunday 24th October

    would you please email me the name of a trusted broker. thank you.

  4. Posted by admin on Wednesday 10th November

    I can tell it to you without mailing: the best for MegaDroid is ATCbrokers.
    Also NordFX is good.

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