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Advanced Droid Tactics for version 1.20 and 1.21

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As it is said on now:

“Doors Closed For Now
The recent changes in MegaDroid v1.20 have required me to re-asses the Advanced Droid Tactics methods and the optimal settings. For this reason I have decided to stop taking new customers until I can write up the latest settings. I will continue to support my existing customers as best as possible in light of these changes, but feel that it is not responsible to take on any new customers until I confirm that the ADT setups will still function properly and contain the most up-to-date settings ”

I totally disagree with this words. I had an official answer from MegaDroid support team and programmers. They said that changes made are going to improve it’s trading results. And it is noticeable from the backtests. They also said that ADT is still available for 1.20 and 1.21 versions. The reason of losing trades of ADT is that this strategy is not stable and much less profitable than standard MegaDroid on a big period of time. You can make backtests and see.

So the conclusion is that I DON”T RECOMMEND TO USE Advanced Droid Tactics.

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  1. Posted by Aaron on Sunday 9th December

    Hi JiC87 ADT strongly recnmmeods the use of up-to-date anti-virus software on all computers used to access your Pulse account. Access to Pulse is secured using username and password and no separate code is required in order to remotely arm or disarm the security panel once the user is logged in to the system. Login information is not retained on any device and the customer is required to log in to the system whenever they access the web client, mobile client or iPhone application.

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