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I don’t think that Advanced Droid Tactics is bad, I think that it’s not better than normal MegaDroid. Yes, you will have more trades, but it’s very dangerous to lose much more. As a proof I will publish backtest results for previous period:

I used next settings:
Period: 2008/01/01 – 2009/01/01
Deposit: $10000
Broker: FXDD Demo
RiskLevel: 0.2
Recovery: true



Net Profit: -$9117.33
Draw-down: 95%



Net Profit: $732
Draw-down: 85%



Net Profit: -$9608
Draw-down: 98%



Net Profit: $2933.33
Draw-down: 95%

Normal GMToffset as instructed in MegaDroid manual


Net Profit: $62438
Draw-down: 23%

Advanced Droid Tactics is performing well only in 2009. You can test it yourself and run backtests for 2008-2009, 2007-2008 and so on. You will see that this strategy is not stable as MegaDroid is. The feature of MegaDroid is that it’s accuracy is about 95%, this advanced tactics is much less accurate.

I’m not using ADT and don’t recommend that to you. MegaDroid team doesn’t recommend this advanced tactics also.

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  1. Posted by pd on Wednesday 9th September

    I’d be very interested in your views on the new product. As good as it seems to be from the sales letter?

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