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MegaDroid team gives a chance to get Forex MegaDroid Pro as a bonus for Forex Maximizer.

Forex MegaDroid Pro is trading on 4 currency pairs including EURUSD, so it includes MegaDroid Standard in it + 3 additional pairs. The best pair is EURUSD but others are also rather good. This advisor can generate very big profits on small spreads so you should use it on ECN or STP brokers without dealing desk.

You will receive a link to download MegaDroid Pro after purchasing Forex Maximizer though their affiliate link. You should use this link only:

This is a good chance. Do not miss it!

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  1. Posted by Tinggalkan on Sunday 23rd September

    I would hold off for a while until the vendors have fully exealinpd why their system lost $114,340 on the live account on their web-page. Did you not investigate their account and web page fully?I downloaded their Live account results into Excel and verified the $114,340 loss in just over a month. I contacted the vendor about this and they corroborated the results and stated that there was indeed a loss in the account of $114,340.78.I am sure that they will post an explanation. They informed me that it was due to a new replicator they were trying out and that they were checking latency. I feel that this does fully excuse such a large loss in the account.Further, if you check the results of one of the beta testers you will notice that they drastically reduce their lot sizes to avoid blowing their account.I am not saying that it is useful for your education in Fx but one should really fully investigate a system fully before laying out hard earned cash. If they say that there are just a few spots left then DO NOT purchase. This is just a tactic to get one to buy before fully investigating the system.

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