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Because of new NFA regulations, creators and developers of Forex MegaDroid and MegaDroid Pro robots recommended two brokers to trade with:

1) FXCM UK (Minimum deposit for MegaDroid clients: $500, standard: $2000)

2) ForexMeta (Minimum deposit: $100)

But I recommend you to use FXCM UK as a broker because it’s spreads are much better than on ForexMeta.

You can register at FXCM here.

Note: If your phone number is not accepted then enter 123-456-7890

I have another thought, that MegaDroid’s won’t be affected by new NFA rules. I heard that they are going to release an update, but I don’t know when. If they release it – I will inform you immediately.


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  1. Posted by Anil on Sunday 18th July

    I have purchased megadroid and have FXCM UK account. It never traded and it Expert logs says spread exceeded. Am I missing anything? Can someone help me please. I tried to contact Megadroid team have not gotten any answers so far.

  2. Posted by admin on Monday 19th July

    Spread exceeded messages may be displayed when the spread is going higher that 3 pips. But mostly all the time it is lower.
    I have informed Forex MegaDroid support team about you so they will respond to your questions if you ask them clearly.
    You can also use my service at It is not very expensive but this way you can check whether it is installed correctly.
    I would also recommend you to try different brokers. Not a single account, but several demo accounts: ATC brokers, Alpari UK, FxPro and so on. MegaDroid allows you to do that.

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