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Choosing a suitable broker for the EAs

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There are several people who are taking up forex trading, but for all other people it’s too difficult to become familiar with forex business, so in this case we go to the Expert Advisors (EA), which trade automatically without the clients’ interference.
The following are some of the tips that can help you in choosing a broker for trading with the EA.
1. Regulation: The broker must be registered with a regulatory authority of the country in which they carry out their operations. Due to new NFA rules I don’t recommend trading with the EAs on US brokers as almost all of them will lose the account balance.
2. Reputation: The broker selected should be a reputed person or a firm with experience behind them and a good track record.
3. Quick execution of the trade orders: An experienced broker takes care to execute the buy or sell orders as soon as the option is clicked or. In this case the most suitable is the ECN brokers, but mostly you`ll need a start capital to open such account with the broker.
4. Pip difference: Difference in pip forms the major part of the earnings of a broker. Some even charge variable pip spread. However, it would be wise to keep the pip spread low or fixed for the EAs, but nowadays programmers are trying to put this parameter in the properties of the EA to make it stable, so I can recommend to visit at least customer support to get the information about this issue.
5. Choice of accounts: Brokers offer a variety of accounts like mini, micro, managed and standard accounts. For retail traders who can afford to invest small amount as capital, mini account will be suitable. For those who cannot manage their accounts, they can prefer managed accounts. Those who can invest huge capital can go for standard accounts.
6. Margins and Leverage: All the information pertaining to the calculations of leverage and margins must be obtained clearly from the broker, as sometimes there is no info on the website.
7. Rollover: The long term or swing dealers have to be careful regarding this because the brokers charge rollovers if the trading is not closed on the trading day and is extended to the subsequent day. This tip is especially good for long-trading experts.
8. Trading Platform: Good trading platform should enable both the experts and the novices to trade in the forex market. Metatrader4 trading platform is widely supported by the EAs, so ensure that broker provides such option for the customers.
9. Assistance: the brokers should provide assistance at any time during the trading time.

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  1. Posted by Cristian on Sunday 28th September

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