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FAPTurbo IamFX one month trading results 04/02-13/03

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About one month ago I added FAPTurbo49 on my IAMFX Demo account to test it a little bit with my new settings. And it worked! It had a loss the same as MegaDroid had, because of high trend during the overnight session, which happens extremely rarely.

I will upload FAPTurbo statements monthly or even weekly sometimes if something interesting happens.

Here are my results:


You can see from the graph, that FAPTurbo is a scalper with big SL and small TP values, but they are the key to success. It recovered from the loss and started to make new profits, lets hope that it will do well.

BTW, IamFX is not a bad broker, but it’s not good for MegaDroid.

I heard that MegaDroid will probably develop some special edition of MD with new configuration for brokers with high commission on the trades and lower spreads. Current strategy is made for brokers with spead <= 3, but IamFX has 0.5-1 pip spread + 1 pip commission on average and this is not good for current version.

Click on the picture below, to see the statement:



Comments so far.

  1. Posted by Alain Escaffre-Faure on Monday 17th May

    Hello Daniel,

    I have been tweaking with IamFX and FAPturbo and I would be interested in what settings you use, if you wish to share!


  2. Posted by Ricardo Almeida on Monday 14th June

    Hi Daniel

    Do you change your GMT settings? My broker it’s also IAMFX, in a demo account.

    Don’t you want to share your settings? 🙂

  3. Posted by admin on Thursday 17th June

    Not yet 🙂 No I don’t use ADT. It’s standard MegaDroid version with some different settings, that will be disclosed soon.

  4. Posted by Aslam on Saturday 26th March

    What is the GMT Offset for Alpari(UK)?
    Please let me know.

  5. Posted by admin on Wednesday 30th March

    GMTOffset is “2” right now

  6. Posted by Daisy on Thursday 28th July

    I was so cuonfesd about what to buy, but this makes it understandable.

  7. Posted by Clara on Thursday 6th December

    Please check your support tketcis,I submited them last day,but you didn’t replied,please responsed quickly,it’s very urgent,thanks.Regards,Kevin

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