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Not so long time ago new forex product was launched – Forex Accumulator.

It was launched on Plimus IMHO to prevent big amount of refunds.

As I know this product is crap. I didn’t test it myself but I heard a lot of reviews from it’s owners. From all products I know on Plimus – Forex Auto Trader is the best currently.

One guy from Forex Peace Army forum told me that he is going to launch new subscription product on Plimus. I believe that this product won’t be worse than Forex Auto Trader. I’ll inform you when this product will be launched.

Forex Accumulator launch was rather big and they don’t have a lot of refunds. But their product quality is not good I know this for sure.

I recommend you all: Don’t buy if you’re not at least 80% sure that this product can make you money. Just don’t trust unknown people. You can trust Daniel Harris (It’s me 😉 ), Albert Perry, John Grace, Steve, Mike ans Ulrich (FAPTurbo guys) for sure.


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  1. Posted by pd on Saturday 29th August

    I’d be very interested in your assessment of PipMavens which is being promoted lately.


  2. Posted by Davor on Tuesday 28th February

    Ken:Interesting, but your cmteonms totally ignores the point of my post. I’m not interested in a sales pitch or details about their offer. I want the truth, no sales pitch, no details about their offer, just the truth.

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