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Forex Bullet Proof Pre-Review

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Hello Automatic Trading Fans,

Today I would like you to tell you more about Forex Bullet Proof upcoming launch. If you’re still interested in Forex expert advisors that are not a scam, please let me tell my opinion and news. But be advised that current blog post contains of predictions that possible can not be true. But if you like forecasts from experienced people, then you should read this.

What is it?

This is an Expert Advisor for MetaTrader4 which trades Automatically. No actions on your side is expected for it to trade well. I suppose Forex Bulletproof is a long term advisor according to the info that it is trading for 2376 days constantly in profit.

Any trading results?

They are telling that Forex Bullet Proof is making $149000 from $1000 during 6 years. And they’re showing backtest graph like that:


(click to view full size)

I suppose they will show Live Trading account results at the day of launch or pre-launch. Will see.

What trading strategy does it use?

As I can see from the chart it is using Scalper Strategy, but I may be wrong. It also uses Money Management because the chart line is not straight. I think there would be a possibility to disable Money Management if you want.

What are the videos about?

I think that Forex Bullet Proof creators decided to make videos to attact more people who are interested. The Comic videos are great idea as for me. We’re working hard and sometimes we need to have some fan, especially if the topic is Automated Trading Robots. So actually they’re going to attract customers using this videos

What’s the general advice?

I recommend you to join Bulletproof Waiting list and get yourself a copy of this advisor. I’m not promoting scams and this is definitely not a scam project.

I will keep updating you regarding this project. Subscribe to my blog updates to be informed in time by e-mail or RSS reader.

Take care!


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  1. Posted by PeterJoe on Saturday 5th February

    I have been running Bulletproof since Sept.1,2010 (5 months now) and not a single loss-day. Average 2% profit per week. This is impressive.

  2. Posted by fatty on Tuesday 14th June

    it is quite good but not all day profit

  3. Posted by Nives on Thursday 20th September

    If the money is direct deiseptod thru paypal, the bank will do nothing. The deposit may show up on their large dollar transaction report (if they even have one for direct deposits) but they will not hassle you about it. Only cash transactions over more than $10,000 require the bank to fill out a form and send it to the government. Was this answer helpful?

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