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Forex Legend launch is very close

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Hello, my favorite readers. Tomorrow is the most interesting day of at least last two months in forex robots industrythe launch day of Forex Legend.

I hope that this pack of advisors will be great, because I saw trading results on the Real accounts and they are all positive with very small drawdowns!

As I know they are going to sell the Main product for $197 which contains two primary Expert Advisors: Forex Legend Trend Follower and Forex Legend Scalper. There will be also Upsell available – Exclusive Forex Legend Community Access and another scalper Forex Legend Elite. Community is the place where everyone will be able to read professional Forex forecasts and get lots of useful manual trading tips. More information about it I will give you after the launch day, when I learn it better.

I’m going to purchase both Forex Legend primary advisors and upsell Forex Community Access to see what is it made of.

Personally, I believe in Forex Legend Trend Follower advisor more than in any of other products that they’re offering. I believe in it so much because I have never seen good trend follower EA that is trading in profit for such a long term. LMD from Forex Robot World Cup was the last one and that was an Epic Fail.

So I’m now sure that Forex Legend is not a Scam. Their website and affiliate system looks nice and working perfectly. I also heard that their support team is good, but offering services only for existing clients, not for visitors. But that is also acceptable. I think you will be able to ask any questions on forums that will appear during the first 2-3 days of the launch. I will tell you communities addresses as soon as I will find any.

Cheers and lets wait for the launch together!

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