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Forex MegaDroid new version 1.10 released

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New version of ForexMegaDroid Expert Advisor – 1.10 is released.

There are several fixes there, one of them is Error 1000 – the most popular error of this advisor.

Please, download new version because old version won’t trade anymore.

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  1. Posted by Suresh on Friday 21st September

    Alright .I have ran a test on this to see what it does. It uses a volitilty ioticadinn to enter trades .with a 39% accuracy. The win to loss ratio is averaging about 2 to 1 in the size of the win vs size of loss .so overall it ends up being profitable. These are stock settings. i just authorized it and did the test with no changes.Now i used straight 0.1 lot size with no money management. For this test, I ended with a net profit of +$220.90. The biggest win was $320.06 and biggest loss was -$159.97. For series of wins/losses .The biggest series of consecutive wins was 5 @ +$979.57, and losses was 4 @ -340.61.It has a very good set of parameters so it does allow a lot of control. I believe with some optimization this EA could be incredibly profitable.Oh finally .the time period I used was from 1-30-2011 thru 5-18-2011. I used this time period because recent markets have been very rough on most EAs and traders with a lot of ranging and sudden major reversals.Final analysis ..I can’t give one because this is just a preliminary run at all default .but I am inclined to give it a thumbs up. The reason .I figure if this EA can turn a profit with stock settings at a less than 40% win rate .what could it do if optimized ..

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