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Forex Megadroid

Meanwhile, I have found great example of Forex MegaDroid results on FinFx. FinFx is the broker that is recommended by Albert and John.

I’d say it is not the best broker you can find for MegaDroid, but results that you can get there are really not bad.

End of 2010 was really horrible for all scalpers as well as for MegaDroid but it has recovered from several losses quite easily and at the moment it has gained more than 42% NET profit.

42% for 5 month period is quite good as for long-term investment without a risk for losing the whole deposit. You should also take into account that in the end of March situation on Fx Market was very unstable, but MD were doing rather good.

50% of yearly profit for a regular investor is really great result, so you should not complain about the profits!

Here is the account


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  1. Posted by Ivan Krotec on Tuesday 21st June

    Sir, I connected with Fifx,
    ao I hope we can proceed at
    your cest time. Jusat let me know.
    Ivan Krotec (312)455-0178

  2. Posted by admin on Wednesday 24th August

    With what we can proceed?

  3. Posted by Marco on Thursday 28th April

    Is MegaDroid Works now? in 2016
    or just died!

  4. Posted by admin on Friday 22nd July

    Yes, it still works!

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