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Hello, my dear readers. I apologize, that I didn’t post for a long time. I was on my vacation in Spain for two weeks. Now, I’m ready to write and inform you about any news and trading results of MegaDroid and MegaDroid Pro!

Yesterday about 300 people got MegaDroid Pro, which is trading on 4 currencies including old one (EURUSD) and showing greatest results on any of these currencies. The only way to get MegaDroid Pro was to buy FAPTurbo Evolution using their referral link. If you came from MegaDroid’s mailing list, then after purchase (FAP Evo costs $699) you get MegaDroid Pro for free as a bonus.

I got some news from Forex MegaDroid Support Team:

“If you don’t want to buy FAPTurbo Evolution, or you didn’t buy it using our link you will have an opportunity to buy it in the nearest future. If you own Forex MegaDroid for one currency you will have a discount or some other version with additional currencies, which will be suitable for existing one. Just read the news and blogs every day.

Best Regards,


Forex MegaDroid Support Manager”

So lets hope that official launch of MegaDroid Pro will be very soon. I hope it will happen at the beginning of August. Read my blog regularly or subscribe to my posts and you will be informed as soon as possible.

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