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Forex MegaDroid Trading results for the last month

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At last I’m showing my trading results from forward tests. Results are different. Some brokers had losses and some didn’t. Also, FxPro broker was renamed to ATC FxPro because another FxPro also exsists.

If you look through the last 5 of my previous messages you will find that there were some problems with my forward tests that’s why I assume, that may be there were more trades made by MegaDroid. I didn’t count profit in pips, but you can do it yourself easily. Well, here are the results:

  • ATC FxPro:


  • Alpari UK:


  • NordMarkets:


I can make a conclusion for this month: Summer is not the best time to trade with MegaDroid, because market is highly unpredictable and It can’t make a lot of trades. Also the problem is that losses sometimes happen. As you remember in April and May it traded much better. Well, we will hope that MD Pro is trading better, but my opinion is still that MegaDroid is the best advisor in the internet for such a price.

Nice trading to everyone!

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