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Forex Software Setup has been updated. Now it supports ANY robot and they added Forex Scalpa to the advisors list.

Now you can install any robot, which is not listed in the Advisors List for only $49. This is a fixed price for any robot. You will just have to send the manual and after 2-3 days it will be installed.

Another news is that Forex Software Setup is going to be official installation service of Forex-MegaDroid robots. The link will be given on the robot’s download page. So we’re growing and this is very good. Our patrons are always having the best service and we care a lot about our new customers even if you pay us $29 for update.

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  1. Posted by Dennis on Saturday 22nd September

    Hello i wonder if some one out ther can help me acitvate the light version we have tried for 2 weeks and it not working at all they wher fantastisk helpfull the people from forex steam but we managet not to acitvate the EA so they let me have the account open as long as i like and i got my money back.I hope any one out ther can help me so please contact me at my mailadress and we can workit out from ther.I now this EA is one of the best on the the market so i realy like this onemaking me some god income.This is my mail adress RegardsAre

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