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Today I start to provide paid installations of Forex MegaDroid software on your PC or VPS.

The price for all users is just $49.95 for one-time installation. For every next installation/update you will get personal discount.

My service name is website is not working yet, but programmers and designer are working on it at present time. Soon it will be opened and used for payments and scheduling installations. The only problem is that I live in Europe, so my business day starts at 8:00 am GMT and finishes at 5:00 pm GMT but sometimes I’m working in the evening (from 9:00 pm GMT till 0:00 am GMT) and on weekends. (GMT is EDT+4 in the summer)

If you are interested in this service, you can contact me these various ways:

  • E-mail:

Here is an additional information about my service:

If you want us to install this software on your VPS, you have to provide next information:

  • MegaDroid’s Receipt number
  • VPS server IP, login and password
  • for DEMO account: desirable broker, deposit size and leverage
  • for LIVE account: broker’s MT4 download link (or send us installation file), live account login information
  • What RiskLevel do you want to trade with (MegaDroid team recommends 0.1-0.2)

Software will be installed on VPS in 1-3 business days.

For PC’s installation we use Remote Control software ( It uses secured connection and contains no Spyware and no Viruses.

Procedure of installation is next:

  • You pay for our service using this link
  • Then you contact us and we select the best time to install software.
  • We contact at selected time, we give you a link to download remote control software, you download it and run on your PC. Then you wait for us to connect and then we install MegaDroid on your PC and answer your questions using Chat included in Remote Control software.

Usually it takes from 20 minutes to 1 hour to install software, so it won’t take much time, the hardest thing is selecting comfortable time.

Usually we start to work at:

8:00 am GMT = 4:00 am EST = 1:00 am PST

the end of business day is usually at:

5:00 pm GMT = 1:00 pm EST = 10:00 am PST

We take care about your privacy. Your Login Information won’t be shared with anyone and not stored on our PCs after installation.

We also provide installations of other software:

  • FAPTurbo
  • ForexAutoTrader
  • Forex MagicMachine (in the nearest future)

You can write a Review of our Service in this post’s comments. Thank you!


Comments so far.

  1. Posted by Raymond on Thursday 21st May

    Referred by support/admin of MegaDroid.

    I need to send money credit card.

    Will provide MegaDroid Link so you help install to my computer.

    Thanks for you help.


  2. Posted by admin on Friday 22nd May

    I don’t understand your problem. If you don’t have credit cart there is a possibility to pay other method using Plimus. What link are you talking about?

  3. Posted by Robert Harris (Bob) on Tuesday 2nd June

    Daniel was nice and very efficient online. He solved my installation problems quickly. I hope I don’t need him again, but I will not hesitate to use Daniel again if and when I do need more help.

    Bob Harris

  4. Posted by ALISON SMITH on Thursday 11th June

    Thankyou so much Daniel! I have had months of frustration with both Fap Turbo and Megadroid and Daniel correctly installed Megadroid for me quickly and efficiently. My small demo account is $84 up in less than a week and my only regret is not finding this brilliant service sooner! Thanks so much. Alison.

  5. Posted by PC to Phone Calls on Thursday 18th June

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future. Thanks!

  6. Posted by Andreina on Friday 21st September

    Robots zijn een manier om Forex hadenl, maar doe je huiswerk om te begrijpen wat er gaande is. Immers, zal het je geld zul je werken. Dat gezegd zijnde, RCTPA Forex Megadroid is veelbelovend, maar ik heb het niet lang genoeg is om conclusies te komen verhandeld.Forex Turbo is de robot (tenzij voornoemde RCTPA Forex Megadroid is zo goed als de makers beweren dat het is). Ik hou ook van fx automoney en hinderlaag ligt pal achter. Dat zijn mijn 4 fav ‘. BTW, ik ben een professionele hadenlaar en doen beoordelingen zijn voor een magazine. Wilt u meer info, stuur me een lijn.

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