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Forward tests are back

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My forward tests server is back online. Unfortunately, I missed a couple of trades made by MegaDroid that week.

I heard that someone had a losing trade. Well, this is quite possible and this is not bad, because it’s impossible to trade absolutely without losses. Anyway, MegaDroid is in profit, this loss happened on some brokers, not on all of them. ECN brokers are still good for MegaDroid.

I also changed my brokers for tests, now they are:

  • ATC Fx Pro
  • Alpari UK
  • NordMarkets
  • MBT

Four of them are ECN brokers. Lets track how they will trade next week.


Comments so far.

  1. Posted by Ralf on Sunday 28th June

    I had trades with Megadroid this week both losing, -1pip and and -38pips on a live account with IBFX

  2. Posted by admin on Monday 6th July

    That is why I won’t use IBFX anymore. They are not a good broker.

  3. Posted by Alina on Saturday 27th September

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