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FRWC Remote Setup

Old Posts now supports FRWC robots: LMD, Fusion, Hirider and others.

If you want your robots to be installed quickly and correctly, please visit my service website. You will get 100% support for the lowest prices.

I also added new option – Advanced Gold Package. When you’re subscribed for this Installation Plan – you receive 100% possible support for ANY robot on the market for unlimited times.

If you want to install and update only FRWC robots, then there are good plans: 1 month subscription and 3 month subscription – they give you unlimited FRWC Royal Trader installations and updates for lower prices.


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  1. Posted by haniff ashburn on Monday 1st March


    is this true? Fusion selling for $20 each at ebay?

    [deleted link]

  2. Posted by admin on Tuesday 2nd March

    This is probably pirate copies which are not working, because this EAs are very hard to be cracked.

    And FRWC team has a mechanism of pirate copies search, so your IP may be banned forever after using this copies.

    Personally, I do not recommend you to use these copies.

    BTW, I deleted your link because I don’t want other users to click it on my website. Personally, I hate pirates and I think that it is bad to use illegal copies of the product.

  3. Posted by haniff ashburn on Tuesday 2nd March


    tks for the reply.

    my fxcm account is about to be ready soon. i will pay via your link for the one time installation of fusion and a few others on this account.

    are the charges for one software or mulitple into one account?

  4. Posted by admin on Wednesday 3rd March

    “One-Time Installation – includes one installation or update session of one robot on VPS or PC.”
    If you want to use several robots on one account then it could be rather risky. I recommend to use different DEMO accounts first and then put the best of them to the LIVE account.

  5. Posted by haniff ashburn on Friday 12th March


    i have paid you today for one time installation of the fusion.

    pse contact me for follow-up instructions.


  6. Posted by haniff ashburn on Friday 12th March


    i have received an email from plimus – transaction not executed – it seems that i have a single record of chargeback.

    i can pay via paypal if u have an account.


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