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Hirider Advanced

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Forex Robot World Cup Team has released new product: Hirider Advanced. It has the same strategy, but now it works much better as the stated. Lets see how it goes and lets hope that this type of Hirider will go better than old one, however, old one is not so bad also.


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  1. Posted by Vlad on Wednesday 19th May

    Where can I get Hirider Advanced to do my own testings? I checked website where it took 2 nd place and I still think it’s better than LMD on 1st place.
    Thanks. Please Email me answer

  2. Posted by admin on Thursday 17th June

    I’m not sure that Hirider is better. They all are not good. I recommend you to wait for FRWC 2 and test new robots they’ll find.

  3. Posted by Luan on Saturday 27th September

    Это может быть при маленьком LotExponent и lots, например если lots 0.1 и lotexponent 1.4 первые два колена будут с лотом 0,1 и только третье 0,2.

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