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How to update Forex MegaDroid’s version?

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This is a short manual about how to update Forex MegaDroid to the most recent version:

1) First of all you need to download new files: MegaDroid.pdf, MegaDroid.ex4, MegaDroid.dll. You can delete old version of MegaDroid’s files.

2) Then delete old MegaDroid from your chart (click on a chart with right mouse button and select: Expert Advisors -> Remove)

3) After that close your MetaTrader.

4) Open /experts/ folder of your MetaTrader’s folder and replace file MegaDroid.ex4 with the new one.

5) Open /experts/libraries/ folder of your MetaTrader’s folder and replace file MegaDroid.dll with the new one.

6) Then you can read User Manual. They always add something new there after update.

7) After that, launch your MetaTrader 4, attach new MegaDroid to the chart, modify it’s settings and wait while it is Authenticating.

8) When everything is like manual states – you should wait for new trades. Don’t turn off your computer!


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  1. Posted by Why do we need to update MegaDroid? on Friday 24th April

    […] is another important detail – MegaDroid must be updated as mentioned in this post, because another methods often cause a lot of problems and questions, as I can see from various […]

  2. Posted by Anna on Tuesday 16th June

    Niczego sobie 🙂

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