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I have bought Forex Robot World Cup package

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I have bought Forex Robot World Cup package. $999 is a lot of money, but I hope to compensate this expenses with their trading results.

I will start trading with Fusion v1.1a and top 3 advisors separately and will post my results regularly. The first thing which I’m going to do is backtests of these robots. I believe that this competition had really interesting robots.

If you have any results you can e-mail me your statements to be published in this blog to: forex.nav at gmail dot com

I’ll keep you updated about this competition as always.



Comments so far.

  1. Posted by zaka on Thursday 18th February

    i am planning to buy same package .
    Is it wise to go ahead?

  2. Posted by admin on Thursday 18th February

    Anyway you will have 60 days moneyback guarantee, so you can bye right now to be one of the first people.

  3. Posted by haniff ashburn on Sunday 21st February


    i also have bought the whole package and paid $997 via paypal.

    today i have installed fusion and the top 5 of the winners, into 3 of my live account.

    all 6 got a smiley icon on the page and will soon get results starting tomorrow (Monday).

    i will inform you of the progress.

  4. Posted by admin on Sunday 21st February

    Thank you very much. Don’t you forget to disable MoneyManagement in LMD? It’s rather dangerous to use it in this version on LMD.

  5. Posted by haniff ashburn on Tuesday 23rd February

    hi daniel

    wow what a massive loss – down $450 on lmd on the first day.

    i have disabled it, and trying to figure out why.

    it seems that it override my micro set lots of 0.02 and instead executed at default -0.5 to 0.8 all in one go.

    u mean diasble MM to false?
    is that the reason why i got hit with this masssive loss?

    pse send me your parameters.

  6. Posted by haniff ashburn on Tuesday 23rd February


    also pse send me your fusion parameters.

    my account is on micro lot $1000.

  7. Posted by admin on Wednesday 24th February

    I will publish my parameters soon, but currently I don’t know which are the best for it, I’m still in search.

    And, please, redownload your LMD and Fusion. New versions came out already. Fusion 1.2 and LMD 1.08. You’ll find them in your Members Area.

    To make the robot trade fixed lot, you should set useMM=false. And then you can set a lot manually.

  8. Posted by automatedforextradingrobot on Tuesday 20th April

    Who is the best forex broker in the market? Like tight
    spread in all condition, allow scalping, thanks

  9. Posted by admin on Friday 23rd April

    There isn’t one best broker. There are several broker that have good conditions, but for different robots different brokers are the best. For MD the best one is ATC, for FAPTurbo the best one is IamFX. You should tell which robot are you going to use. But currently STP and ECN are the best brokers.

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