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Idea to create Expert Advisors Rating

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I was thinking  a lot about: What do people need to decide which EA is better?

  • Affiliates reviews? – No!
  • Good looking design and videos? – No!
  • Marketing tricks and Testimonials? – Off course No!
  • Back test results? – No, people don’t trust them a lot.

The only thing which can prove that “first” EA is better than “second” one is – REAL TIME TRADING RESULTS. They can be made on DEMO or LIVE account – it doesn’t make big difference on good brokers. After gathering all my thoughts I decided that I will make Expert Advisors Rating with Real-Time trading results of the most popular robots published.

I will start with DEMO accounts, but if my service will become popular – soon I will use LIVE accounts too.

My special feature: I will use 2 or 3 brokers for every EA to know which broker is better and how different are the results.

You will be informed when my service goes LIVE. Take care and continue reading my blog.

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