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Live proofs for Forex Legend

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I see that people on forums do not believe that Forex Legend robots really work. That is why I decided to show the proof, which is situated on the website. I have found the link to view all accounts at once.

Forex Legend Trend Follower is trading on 50 FIFTY real money accounts on IamFX for 1 month. And all of them have POSITIVE results. Their results are 30% in average.

The link is:

Forex Legend website looks well, but they did not think about the usability. So I decided to show the Proof for everyone to help a bit. I believe in Trend Follower and hope you will like it too as soon as you put in on your account.

I’m not an interested person, I just want to help people and point on good advisor and warn about bad ones. That’s why I’m not using any affiliate link if you noticed.


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  1. Posted by goinggreen on Monday 9th August

    on i found Forex Legend Scalper for the EURUSD-Cross. How can that be? After having bought the legendpackage today and studied the installation-guide of the scalper, i learned, the scalper is only to work with EURCHF, EURCAD, GBPCHF and GBPCAD!!

  2. Posted by admin on Wednesday 11th August

    Where do you see that it traded on EURUSD? This is impossible.
    Maybe you missed with Forex Legend Elite? Elite trades on EURUSD.

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