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LMT Forex Formula trading result

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As I promised I tried to trade with LMT Forex Formula and I have successful trade!

I was waiting all day for trading conditions and at last I found them on EURJPY, H4 timeframe.

Here you can see opened order in action:


First I thought that it will be losing trade and was a bit disappointed, but when I woke up in the morning, I saw that I was wrong:


A trade closed with profit of 29 pips and this is a proof that LMT formula really works. The only thing is that it’s not easy to find comfortable order entry. I was testing on FXDD broker.

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Comments so far.

  1. Posted by Mach Lai on Saturday 24th October

    Why do you have to wait for the entry? I don’t quite get it. Was it supposed to be automatic execution?

    Cheers. Great blog, btw!

  2. Posted by admin on Tuesday 3rd November

    This is not an automatic execution, this is manual trading strategy.

  3. Posted by Gurro on Saturday 29th May

    Are you mental? Do you make a solid analysis of a methode from just ONE trade? Stop doing that or you will never be a profitable trader. You need a at least 30 trades but preferably 100 to make a quallified estimate

  4. Posted by admin on Thursday 17th June

    I’m not going to continue trading manually. I prefer trading with robots. If you were profitable trader you would not visit this blog and telling that I am mental person. So I can make a conclusion that you are not proftable too much 😉

  5. Posted by Hedo on Sunday 23rd September

    First, you aren’t going to be a talking to a bekorr. With , you will have an account with a dealer who will be taking the other side of your trades.Second, since they are dealers, they make their money off the spread, not by charging fees or commissions.Third, they are not banks or bekorrs, so there is no such thing as proper insurance .If you want to learn how the trades work google and you will see a list of dealers. Any legit dealer will give you a demo account free for 30 days.Since is not governed by law anybody can be a dealer, but all the legitimate ones voluntarily register with the National Futures Association even though they don’t have to because they are not actually futures bekorrs.

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