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MegaDroid 1.35 is crashing your MetaTrader?

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I had this problem when I was updating MegaDroid to version 1.35. I even asked support about that. But then I was really happy because that was just my mistake during update.

To update, I recommend you to use manual installation instead of automatic installer. You need two files: MegaDroid.ex4 and MegaDroid.dll. Follow these steps:

1) Close MetaTrader, where you’re going to install MegaDroid to.

2) Open “/Metatrader folder/experts/” and replace old MegaDroid.ex4 there with new file.

3) Open “/Metatrader folder/experts/libraries/” and replace old MegaDroid.dll with new file.

4) Run MetaTrader and reattach robot to the chart to update it’s settings. Enter your Receipt code and leave it working and making money for you!

MT4 Crashes happen when you forget to update dll file. Sometimes installer could not update this file, because of Windows Security. You should do that yourself during manual installation.

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  1. Posted by Aileen on Saturday 9th July

    Glad I stumbled across this! I’ve got megadroid 1.36 linked to a demo metatrader4 account.

    Fixed, reloaded megadroid, i’ve even uninstalled/reinstalled meta4, but it just seems to be stuck/ frozen!

    Any suggestions?

  2. Posted by admin on Wednesday 24th August

    Why do you think it is frozen?
    You can contact Forex Megadroid support team to ask them. They will reply shortly.

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