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MegaDroid 1.37 and Remote Safety Mode

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It’s just a short update of my blog. I’m sorry that I’m not writing very often, but I’m extremely busy with some project.

I just wanted to give some brief information:

1) The newest version of MegaDroid is 1.37, It is now working correctly on all Forex brokers, several errors and bugs were fixed. This version didn’t have any changes in Strategy. You should not think that version 1.35 were trading better that this, you can just make a backtest and make sure that the trading shows better results.

So ForexSpy recommends to update to the newest version 1.37.

2) RemoteSafetyMode – is a setting in Forex-Megadroid and it’s versions: Forex Scalpa, Swissy Accu-Scalper, etc. When this option is set to true the EA could be stopped temporarily in case of extremely dangerous trading conditions. If you don’t want to lose a single trade you should set this setting to false;

This system is very useful, because in August it saved about 150 pips.



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