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MegaDroid: How to fix Error 1000?

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As I noticed on various Forex forums, many people have problems with Error 1000 when using MegaDroid.

This error occurs when any child window (Navigator, Market Watch, Terminal, Data Window or Strategy Tester) is detached from the others. As you can see on the next screen shot (Navigator panel example):


To resolve this problem (until MegaDroid’s update is released) simply re-dock any floating panels i.e. to the left side of screen. Watch the video to see how I solved that problem:


Comments so far.

  1. Posted by Roger on Friday 17th April

    Your video does not have sund
    It is silent like a dead man

  2. Posted by admin on Saturday 18th April

    Yes, it doesn’t have sound, but I hope you are not blind and you see what am I doing there. 😉

  3. Posted by robert on Saturday 18th April

    sorry to differ with you but I don’t have a stray floating or loose panel that needs to be moved or fixed and I still get the error message 1000. EA has traded once since 4/07/09

  4. Posted by admin on Saturday 18th April

    You can share with us your screen shot. You can download it to
    Or contact me here:

  5. Posted by Randall Hoogerhyde on Saturday 18th April

    has anyone had any success with magadroid robot. i haven’t

  6. Posted by admin on Monday 20th April

    I had 🙂 Read my blog posts.
    You problem is that you are trying to get a refund too fast.

  7. Posted by Jim on Monday 20th April

    I’ve had success – haven’t lifted a finger and making consistent money with no losses – Give it a chance

  8. Posted by mark derkovich on Monday 20th April

    The way I resolved the issue was to right click the smiley face, then click expert advisors, and then click remove. Then I go and open navigator drop down, and drag and drop the Megadroid E/A to my chart…works like a champ. Seems like the 1000 hit when I shut down my system and then restarted. Did the above 2-3 times and haven’t had to repeat since. Positive pips 8)

  9. Posted by admin on Tuesday 21st April

    This errors is solved in Version 1.10

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