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MegaDroid: How to trade fixed lot?

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To trade fixed lot, you should ensure that your settings are:

  • RiskLevel=”0″
  • LotSize=”desirable lot size of orders”

You can modify other settings as you wish.

PS: RecoveryMode is not working when you are trading fixed lot.

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  1. Posted by Hind on Saturday 14th November

    So Jerome asked how my trades are going. I baailscly have 3 running the following settings since 8/15/12175K V3.0 (Cent) Power Long/HV Short (Risk 1.0) Profit 8/20/12 8/24/12 – 1.5K 175K V3.0 (Cent) Power Long/HV Short (Risk 2.0) Profit 8/20/12 8/24/12 – 7.1K 350K V3.0 (Cent) Power Long/HV Short (Risk 1.0) Profit 8/20/12 8/24/12 – 4.2KBeen a slow market.The accounts all profited since then prior to 8/15/12 and after. Not as much as i would like but it seems that as more trades are open, the weekly profits get larger and larger as there’s more batches to TP. When the 175K risk 2.0 was running 2.1, i had the start lot size at 0.20. I was very happy with the results at the time. It averaged 10% a week. The average DD was amazingly low. Less then 1% for most of the time. Of course when the markets became volitile, the DD hit up to 20% until it closed the batches and then balance went up, and floating DD went right back to under 1%. I am very risk tolerant and was just amazed at how this animal works. Then came the 350K.Before 8/15/12, the 175K accts were running 2.1 with various settings, hence the various results. The 350K was started on 8/15/12 and that is probably why it has smaller gains because I didn’t have any of the 2.1 batches prior to trading. As you will see in the vendor’s account that started on August 1, 2012, it was very similar to the 350K. Slow start, even down .3% on a batch or two, building batches and soon as the market starts to move, it will begin TPing the batches (profits).I actually put an FATP on the 350K and will start running different tests on it. I am going to break it up into 3 accounts running the following. 1. 100K Power Long HV Short Risk 2.0 2. 100K HV Long HV Short Risk 2.0 3. 100K HV Long HV Short Manual Mode with starting lot 0.20.I will be raising the risk value for 1 and 2 as the weeks go by as I get more comfortable with the way the EA trades in certain market conditions.God forbid if any of them crash, but i think the expense to know the limits of this animal is well worth possibly losing 100K. Why only a 100K? I am pretty confident that 1 and 2 will not crash unless risk value is adjusted to be higher than 2.0. It’s been a week since I set the FATP… taking longer than I thought, but will keep everyone posted once it gets started.

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