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MegaDroid: profitable trades 1/06

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Yesterday, only two brokers had profitable trades: AlpariUK and

  • Alpari UK: +21,7 pips


  • +20 pips


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  1. Posted by Cheryl on Saturday 27th September

    I’m still in my trial period, tynirg to make it work, but I’m really struggling with it. After two full weeks at it I’m about 50 pips down which in my terms is about 25 quid. (Sorry can’t do character for quid on this PC software that I’ve had to buy because the strategy doesn’t work on a Mac!) The problem I’m having is that , contrary to what Keith has intimated when he says if you can tell the difference between red and green , the PTPs keep conflicting with each other so that, once confirmed, and whilst sitting comfortably in a trade waiting to take the profit, a signal is given that indicates that the market is now moving in the opposite direction. You’re then faced with the dilemma of whether to exit the trade you’re on and take the confirmed trade in new direction! I’ve fallen foul of this many times these last two weeks with the result that I have lost as many trades as won. Now I understand that an experienced trader might not fall foul of these signals but for the inexperienced like me, albeit not an utter newbie, it all becomes too convoluted. I’m praying that there might be a turn around in my last week on the trial by some miracle but I’d better not hold my breath.

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