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MegaDroid: Profitable trades 12-14/05

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There were some profitable trades this week on ODL, Alpari, IBFX and FXDD.

Here are the results:

FXDD: +12 pips (4-digit)


IBFX: +370 pips


Alpari UK: +214 pips


InterBank FX is currently the best broker for this expert advisor.

I heard that MegaDroid team is going to release something in the nearest future. This is what people on forums talking about.

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  1. Posted by Egy on Friday 21st September

    I have both of these on demo. The Pipscloner seems to have no stop loss in place and there are many open trades. Perhaps this is one of those semytss that never closes in a loss but the drawdowns on account can be huge. On this point, when I first purchased the system I went to the page to view Tim’s account. It showed that in the last year the account went from $1000 to $3000. The open positions, however, totalled $1500! Not the massive profits stated in the sales page. I sent an e-mail to them about this over a week ago and am still waiting for a response. I will watch for another week and if there are still a great many open positions I will have worked out the game plan and will ask for a refund.CopyPastePips has been working quite well for me. The large drawdown trade, of which others speak, was ridiculous! Who in their right mind would buy the dollar against the CHF when war is raging in the Middle East? The CHF is considered one of the safe-haven commodities during times of uncertainty. Thankfully, I cancelled the trade and watched from the sidelines.

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