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MegaDroid: profitable trades 8-10/06

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Today, I’d like to show you latest profitable trades of Forex MegaDroid software which is showing only profitable trades this week. We can expect new trade today in the evening.

FxPro is now one of the best brokers for Forex MegaDroid. There were no trades on IBFX, but I have no idea why. May be they are blocking MegaDroid?

  • Alpari UK. Total: +28,2 pips


  • FxPro. Total: +28,5 pips


  • Total: +31 pips


  • FXDD. Total: +31 pips


P.S.: Looking forward to your comments.


Comments so far.

  1. Posted by Ingo Eikenberg on Friday 12th June


    your results are great. Which Brokers do you recommend for Megadroid from your experience?

  2. Posted by admin on Sunday 14th June

    I recommend ECN brokers. You can try, FxPro, FXCM and so on…

  3. Posted by Ralf on Wednesday 17th June

    I had a total of +19 pips in 2 trades on 8th and 9th with IBFX on a live account.

  4. Posted by admin on Wednesday 17th June

    Well, this is a good news. My recent trading results reports also contain IBFX. Crisis is over!

  5. Posted by Ingo Eikenberg on Saturday 20th June

    Thank you, but FXcbs would be the only real ECN Broker, right?
    Do you also use it?

  6. Posted by EP on Wednesday 8th July

    Are you guys using the newest version of the Megadroid? I upgraded to v1.11

    I have $250 in a live account with FXDD and the robot won’t trade. Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong?

    The only messages I receive on the chart alternate between “Reviewing price range”, “Analyzing market”, “Correction detected”, etc…

  7. Posted by admin on Thursday 16th July

    Ingo Eikenberg, no FXCBS is not the only ECN broker. This is a good one, but not the only.

    EP, yes I use the latest one. (1.11)
    The problem is in your broker. MegaDroid is trading poorly on FXDD Live, it’s better on FXDD backtests, because they have bad conditions for robots. I recommend to use ECN broker. These messages can’t be the only. You can share your screenshot with MegaDroid Support and they will help you. Tell them that Daniel Harris recommended to contact them 😉

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