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MegaDroid: Thursday’s 11/06 trade

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There were another profitable trade on some brokers on this Thursday night. So now we know that this week MegaDroid was trading every day and without any losses.

  • Alpari UK. Total: +11,5 pips


  • FXDD. Total: +10 pips


  • IBFX. Total: +10,4 pips


  • FxPro. Total: +8,8 pips (RiskLevel=0.1)


So now we’re waiting for the next week trades. I hope that week will be profitable too.

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  1. Posted by Carlos on Saturday 27th September

    V4 adds a 4th strategy cealld range, and it cuts all TP, SL, 7 trailing levels in half I guess to backtest better during it’s huge DD period when everyone got burnt to a crisp. I would still like to see a forward test or at least some tick data back tests of the new version. i think with the lower levels it would provide much less profit, but the equity curve would be more appealing to the eye.

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