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MegaDroid: Trading results 21/08

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This month MegaDroid is trading not very well, but I heard that MD team is working on something new like new version of MegaDroid to release together with MegaDroid Pro. This summer is hard for MegaDroid, but on my opinion it is much better than IvyBot, which was released this month.

I’ll make some announcement in next post.

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  1. Posted by jin on Tuesday 25th August

    I’m with you on that. I’ve had 2 very bad trades back to back.

  2. Posted by Selen on Sunday 23rd September

    What happened with the USDJPY trade for me @ 0.1 lots, was that it first went up sllhtgiy, but since it was in a downtrend I knew that if the swing broke the last high then it would be a disaster. I looked at my indicators, and they all pointed that the trend was going down, soon enough it went down to about $20-25 profit..only to encounter what I thought would be a slight resistance, unfortunately it turned the market around and IvyBot did manage to exit with a $19 loss. The target was $82 in this case, so losing $19 for a $82 profit, is worth it.On the USDCHF what happened was the trade was 100% dead on, entered at the perfect time, and it went down right to about $63-64 profit UNFORTUNATELY the market made a rebound and found resistance at that level JUST missing the $66 Take profit target the trend rebounded and stayed at about $25-30 profit, for a couple hours, until IvyBot decided to take the profit at $28. Kinda unlucky that it didn’t reach the $66 otherwise it would have been an awesome trade.What I did manually, through the help of indicators, was that I realized that the $28 level was probably going to be a pivot point and then it would go back down, hopefully breaking that last target it missed of $66. So I went ahead and took the trade, The 4hr and Daily charts were at 80-100% accuracy of it being a downtrend. I left it on over night, and this morning the prediction was correct, it did break the $66 level, and I managed to make a $55 profit (0.25lots) from that level that the IvyBot closed its trade (it went down after a while). I think that the IvyBot is make dead on trades, when I line it up with all my indicators. I just started manual trading last week or so, after I read some manuals, and got a bunch of cool indicators I pretty much get 70%+ positive trades. and the negatives are usually 50-75% smaller than the positive trades.But I still feel good about IvyBot

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