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MegaDroid: Tuesday 17/06 trading results

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Here are Tuesday’s 17th of June trading results. The general picture of MegaDroid’s trading is great! Stable profits almost every day, I’m really impressed with this robot.

  • Alpari UK. Total: +15 pips


  • FXDD. Total: +15 pips


  • FxPro. Total: +11.5 pips


The next trading results report will be published at the end of the week.


Comments so far.

  1. Posted by jin on Thursday 18th June

    What is your settings? Mine has not traded for the past 3days so far.

  2. Posted by admin on Thursday 18th June

    Trading result doesn’t depend on settings in this MegaDroid version.
    What is your broker?

  3. Posted by jin on Thursday 18th June

    Alpari US

  4. Posted by admin on Saturday 20th June

    May be this is a difference between LIVE and DEMO accounts… I can’t find another reason if you don’t have any errors displayed in Journal and Experts tabs.

  5. Posted by jin on Monday 22nd June

    Yea it didn’t trade @ all last week. With my cuz it traded once and we have the same broker. Sometimes that happens, his will trade and mine won’t and mine will trade and his won’t.

  6. Posted by Chang on Monday 29th June

    Thanks for the post. Is the settings for all account on default? I saw your past article back testing on FXDD at risk level of 0.3. Default is 0.1. Does this make any changes?
    And what are your preferred brokers so far? Alpary(UK), IBFX?

  7. Posted by admin on Monday 6th July

    Yes. RiskLevel affects trading. The higher Risk is more profitable and more risky at the same time. You must chose yourself what is better for you.
    I use RiskLevel=0.2.

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