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Megadroid v1.38 released

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Hello my readers.

I’m sorry that I’m posting this message 3 month after it has been released, but I was quite busy last days.

I’m now the beta tester of Forex Megadroid Members Area! I will tell you more about it, when I will be allowed to 🙂

So what did they change in 1.38:

1) We’ve developed a workaround for a MetaTrader bug that loses trades
during the OrderClose process

2) Some additional trading logic has been added to the DLL

3) We’ve added functionality for the upcoming Members Area updates


4) RemoteSafetyMode is now respected during back-testing


That’s all. Not very impressive, however this is nice when they update Megadroid. It means that this project is not dead and they’re keeping it alive every day.


Comments so far.

  1. Posted by Cleuzania on Tuesday 28th February

    ROFL do you ssioruely think lying to people about free tools is actually gonna get them to buy your click bank product. Lmao

  2. Posted by admin on Tuesday 10th April

    I’m not selling anything.

  3. Posted by Karla on Sunday 28th September

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