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MegaDroid: Winning trades on Alpari UK today

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Today I saw 2 profitable trades on Alpari UK. This is the first results report on Alpari, because I started to use them not long ago.

They are: sell +12 pips (+116 pips), buy +10 pips (+107 pips).



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  1. Posted by Anee on Saturday 27th September

    I have to endorse evriethyng Tony has said about TUFXP and like Tony, I wished I had thrown in the towel sooner. I was sold on the hype and struggled for a further 6 months before calling it quits. The support team were OK at times but even with their help, I could not become confident in using the system with any degree of success. Paying an extra a365 per month for the data feed whilst one is struggling to make the over-hyped system a success is a big drain on any struggling novice. These days, whenever anyone mentions TUFXP .I get a cold shiver running down my back! Novices be very aware of this system.

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