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Hello, everyone!

My name is Daniel Harris. I’m admin of this new blog about Forex. I think this blog will contain everything about forex, exact categories will be assigned later (and reassigned many times after that 🙂 ).

Well, less words – more actions.

First topics of this blog will be:

1) Forex Expert Advisors reviews

2) These EA’s trading results

3) Scam brokers reports

4) Scam forex robots disclosure

5) Expert Advisors support posts (I’ll help you to install expert advisors)

and so on…

The first EA in my blog will be: Forex MegaDroid, because this is the most recent and popular EA at the moment.


Comments so far.

  1. Posted by swissforex on Tuesday 14th April

    I think this Blog about Megadroid is a GREAT idea,I like it.
    Could you please help me with settings?My Megadroid made just 2 REAL trades since 2nd April,I guess somethin’ wrong about it

  2. Posted by admin on Wednesday 15th April

    Hi! I think this is good that it is trading, because a lot of people doesn’t have any trades at all.
    Please, specify next things:
    1) Your Broker
    2) Do you have error messages (on the screen or in Experts Tab)?
    3) Is you MT4 running 24*7?

  3. Posted by Kerry Moore on Sunday 10th May

    I think it’s awfully good,I look forward to using your service.

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