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New Interesting Forex Robot – USDBOT

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I want to wish everyone Marry Christmas and Happy New Year holidays! At the beginning of 2010 year I want introduce new forex robot that looks good even before buying it. The new robot is USDBOT. From the name of the robot it’s understood that it trades on USD pairs (I believe it is EURUSD). I’ll try to get a copy of this robot soon to make backtests and forward tests for you.

Limited number of copies will be released on Tuesday, January 26 2010

There is no information about this robot yet except a promotional video and a possibility to subscribe the VIP waiting list to get all news, discounts and exclusive updates.

Introduction USDBOT Video

You can subscribe to VIP waiting list here: (direct link)

For Affiliates

If you’re interested in promoting this product, vendor has prepared a lot of affiliate materials. Affiliates support is also on a good level, so you can start preparing your list to receive promotional e-mails about this robot.

You can find launch materials here:

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  1. Posted by Medya on Friday 21st September

    The M1 version brgnis down my VPS. Seems it takes about 250MB of memory not sure why have a support ticket in. It made one trade on a demo account and made a whole dollar last week ..The M1 version backtested pretty well and showed gains 48% over the past 8 months with 10% risk. The M5/M15 version has yet to trade (for first 3 days) and had a very poor backtest over the past 8 months, loosing 10% overall. The M1 version may be OK if run by itself or I pay for more memory. The M5/M15 looks unimpressive so far. Will give it this week and see what it does

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