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New MegaDroid 1.30 has been released

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Forex MegaDroid team has released an update for MegaDroid trading robot.

New version is 1.30

They haven’t yet notified all clients, but for new customers the version is 1.30 now. As I know they fixed several glitches there including:

  • GMT Offset calculation method (Now works better with Daylight Saving)
  • Journal old trades calculation reports now works better
  • Some modifications in trading strategy that can improve results a bit

I recommend you to update even earlier than they will notify everyone. So you can forward to the download page and get yourself a copy. Do not forget to input your Receipt number.


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  1. Posted by Simon on Thursday 5th August

    The link just goes to the standard website where you purchase. I already have a previous version

  2. Posted by admin on Thursday 5th August

    Sorry. The link was wrong. Now it’s corrected

  3. Posted by Neil Hutchison on Tuesday 24th August

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