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New MegaDroid version 1.20 released

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After more than a month MegaDroid team released new version 1.20 with couple of new improvements. As I know this is very good update because trading strategy was improved and now it takes fewer losing trades. Support guy told me that Recovery Mode was working with some problems and now they are also fixed.

I highly recommend everyone to update their MegaDroid to this new version.

Officially new version includes:

  • a revised strategy method which has resulted in better results in recent testing (trade frequency has improved too)
  • NFA mode to allow correct operation with NFA-registered brokers who have adopted the “no hedging” and “FIFO” rules
  • remote GMT offset checking via our trade server
  • a much updated manual

Don’t forget to update your MegaDroid.


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  1. Posted by activemax on Monday 21st September

    Links for download not work.. ?

  2. Posted by jin on Tuesday 22nd September

    works for me.

  3. Posted by admin on Wednesday 23rd September

    Yes, all links are in your e-mail and they must work properly.

  4. Posted by Fungki on Friday 21st September

    I read Thomas Sexton’s letter to CFTC on December 9, 2008 exnipinlag NFA’s rationale for the Compliance Rule 2-43(b): Offsetting Transactions. In it he stated, Ten of 17 FDMs surveyed offer the strategy to their customers, although for most it is a very small part of their business. Of these ten, six actively promote it on their web sites, while another one merely indicates it is available.Several of the FDMs told NFA that they had not offered the hedging strategy until their customers requested it. Although many of the FDMs admit that customers receive no financial benefit by carrying opposite positions, some FDMs believe that if they do not offer the strategy they will lose business to domestic and foreign firms that do. If the FDMs polled by NFA thought that hedging was important to either their self interests or their customers, I think they would have taken a more vigorous position opposing NFA’s proposed changes. I really think the horse has left the barn and that the faint public outcry I am hearing is striving after wind. If CFTC’s policies are going to be changed, the objections need to come from the FDMs, whose opinions carry more weight than the retail trading public.In light of the current economic climate there is mounting pressure on CFTC to tighten its regulatory reins. I think we can expect more of the same domestically and (if you’re paying attention) also abroad.

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