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Noticed free EAs copies

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On Donna Forex forum I have found a list of copied EAs. I think it would be interesting for someone who were going to buy this EA. But remember, that sometimes it’s better to use paid EA, because it has support and full manual. If you’re experienced it is much better to use free EA of course.

List of copies:

Artemis EURUSD, copy of DemarkLinesEA,

Automatic Forex Crusher, copy of DemarkLinesEA,

BeAst EA, copy of Bluto’s Jitterbug EA,

EA-Boss, copy of famous FAP Turbo,

Electron EURUSD, copy of the StarFX Trader,

Forex Conqueror, copy of the Parabolic EA,

Forex Espionage, copy of the Parabolic EA,

Forex Maestro, copy of the Firebird EA,

Forex Transformer, copy of the Parabolic EA,

Forex Vampire, copy of the Parabolic EA,

PipZu, copy of the Otkat EA,

Saturn GBPUSD, copy of RSI Power Maximum,

Socrates GBPUSD, copy of  Hammer EA,

The Forex Magic Machine, copy of vForce like EA,

The Forex Wonder, copy of Pseudocarcharias v1.02,

Joury, copy of Trendchaser

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  1. Posted by Vijay on Monday 20th September

    Pls send me links for eas

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