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Forex Robot World Cup with AVG antivirus video tutorial

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I’ve created a screenshot video how to add Fusion.dll (as well as any other dll) to AVG antivirus exceptions.

Unfortunately it has no sound yet, but everything is understood without a background sound:

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Straasha in Fusion v1.1a

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I got my first results with Fusion v1.1a and found that almost all losing trades happened because of Straasha strategy. It also has it’s own Money Management, which is placing trades with big lot and they are often losers. Here is my statement for the first week of trading. Results are not so impressive yet, but I’m using DEMO account and I recommend you to do that until you find the best settings.

The statement helped me to understand that Straasha should be turned off in Fusion v1.1a.

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18Feb started to work

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Me and Mark decided to work more on out forum, which is almost empty currently.

We found that there is no forum about Forex Robot World Cup advisors, so we decided to create special forum for them. The address of this forum is:

We will post our tutorials and trading results there, so if you want, please register there and look for updates.

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I have bought Forex Robot World Cup package

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I have bought Forex Robot World Cup package. $999 is a lot of money, but I hope to compensate this expenses with their trading results.

I will start trading with Fusion v1.1a and top 3 advisors separately and will post my results regularly. The first thing which I’m going to do is backtests of these robots. I believe that this competition had really interesting robots.

If you have any results you can e-mail me your statements to be published in this blog to: forex.nav at gmail dot com

I’ll keep you updated about this competition as always.


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Forex Robot World Cup support

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The launch is today. And I decided to help them with their client’s a bit.

If you need any support about Forex Robot World Cup advisors, please write comments to this post and I will respond them as soon as possible.

Good Luck to you!

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FRWC advisors price

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I heard that they are going to sell Top 10 advisors for $999. Well, as long as they perform well it is reasonable price.

I think you’re interested in Forex Robot World Cup report, which is stored on their website in PDF file. Just forward to their main page, enter your name and e-mail and then you will be able to download their shocking report. (direct link)

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The Forex Robot World Cup

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As you know there was a rumor about Forex Robot World Cup. Now this is not a rumor anymore. Now they officially announced about their intention to sell winners of this competition.

As you can see on 2 months LIVE trading results some robots perform very well:


After watching on this chart I decided to get a copy of the most profitable robots and put them on DEMO Forward Test to see whether that results are valid and truthful.

I think, that Forex Robot World Cup creators will sell all robots for big price, but I also think they they will earn much more money for people, who will use them correctly.

I will try to keep you updated with my own trading results since the launch date.

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