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MegaDroid’s 19-21/05 trades

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Unfortunately, today MegaDroid had one losing trade at some brokers. But it also had two or more profitable trades, so I’m sure that it will compensate this loss very soon.

  • Fx Pro: +26.2 pips


  • IBFX: +35 pips


  • ODL: -7 pips


  • FXDD: -39 pips


  • -37 pips


  • Alpari UK: -6.1 pips


IMHO: MegaDroid is still the best robot in the Internet.

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MegaDroid: Profitable trades 12-14/05

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There were some profitable trades this week on ODL, Alpari, IBFX and FXDD.

Here are the results:

FXDD: +12 pips (4-digit)


IBFX: +370 pips


Alpari UK: +214 pips


InterBank FX is currently the best broker for this expert advisor.

I heard that MegaDroid team is going to release something in the nearest future. This is what people on forums talking about.

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Installation Service is working in Test Mode

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Today I start to provide paid installations of Forex MegaDroid software on your PC or VPS.

The price for all users is just $49.95 for one-time installation. For every next installation/update you will get personal discount.

My service name is website is not working yet, but programmers and designer are working on it at present time. Soon it will be opened and used for payments and scheduling installations. The only problem is that I live in Europe, so my business day starts at 8:00 am GMT and finishes at 5:00 pm GMT but sometimes I’m working in the evening (from 9:00 pm GMT till 0:00 am GMT) and on weekends. (GMT is EDT+4 in the summer)

If you are interested in this service, you can contact me these various ways:

  • E-mail:

Here is an additional information about my service:

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NFA Rule about hedging positions

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Almost everyone knows about new NFA Rule about hedging strategies. Now almost every broker from NFA denied it’s clients to open hedging positions.

But this rule doesn’t affect Forex MegaDroid expert advisor, because it’s strategy is not hedging. Of corse there is always a possibility that robot’s strategy will open hedging position because of strategy signal. This may happen accidentally and if it happens the second trade won’t be opened and this is quite normal.

I’ll keep everyone updated about some news and limits imposed by brokers.

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MegaDroid’s 06/05 profit trades

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There were some problems with my Forward Tests because of my VPS provider. But now everything is okay and I received some additional profitable trades with Forex MegaDroid.

  • FXDD broker:

Profit: +24 pips


  • Alpari UK broker (5 digits):

Profit: +285 pips


  • FX Pro broker (5 digits):

Profit: 223 pips


So as you see Forex MegaDroid continue to trade very well and making profits almost every day.

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MegaDroid’s 28/04 profit trade

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Two profit trades on 27th-28th of April. MegaDroid continues to win. Accuracy is near 90%, as they advertised!

  • FXDD:

buy: totally +15 pips


  • IBFX:


  • Alpari UK:


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MegaDroid v1.11 released!

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New version of MegaDroid is finally released.

I don’t know what did they changed except 2 new settings: LeftPadding and TopPadding but I know that this release helped some of my readers with error: “Account verification impossible“.

Now everything works better and there are no new losing trades.

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