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New Forex MegaDroid version 1.35 has been released

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As I promised, Forex Megadroid team released new version today. The version is 1.35.

That’s good news to hear, coz there we were waiting for update for almost a year.

This is a text of Update E-mail:
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Risklevel setting for MegaDroid

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Everybody knows that the higher the risk the higher the profits. But someone just doesn’t realize that the risk of 50% (0.5) is a possibility to lose half of the deposit with a single trade. Of course you will have great results with MegaDroid, but sometimes it loses and they will be really disappointed at that moment.

I will explain you how to calculate possible loss depending on the risklevel:

Deposit: $1000
Leverage: 1:100
Pip value: 0,0001 (4-decimal quotes)
RiskLevel: 0,2

Lot formula is:

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When Forex Megadroid is not trading

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There are some days during the week, when you should not expect Megadroid to open a trade.
They are: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. MegaDroid will never open a trade on Friday or late Sunday, when Forex is online, and it will obviously not open a trade during weekends, because this is impossible 🙂

Regarding the trading time: MegaDroid usually opens trades during the period of 2-3 hours after 5-6 PM EST.

P.S.: I do not recommend to disable Megadroid for some specific period, even if it is not trading during that period. As I know MegaDroid uses some indicators that collect history to generate signals then.

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Good brokers for Forex Megadroid

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Today I want to show you the list of brokers that are suitable for MegaDroid. I place brokers to the list from the more suitable to the less.

Best brokers

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Forex Software Setup now supports GPS Forex Robot

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My Forex Software Setup service now supports several new forex robots:

If you have a Forex robot that is not listed in the list of Expert Advisors on the website – we can install it anyway. We support any Forex robot you have in case if you have some manuals about it’s intallation.

To get 5% discount, please use this promotional code: FOREXSPY5D

This code can be used only 10 times. Hurry up!

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MegaDroid is preparing massive update

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As I know from my sources MegaDroid team is preparing Massive Update for their Expert Advisors: Forex MegaDroid, Forex MegaDroid Pro, Swissy Accu-Scalpa and Forex Scalpa…

I have noticed that MegaDroid has a blog at: with many interesting tips for manual trading.

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough info about changes in the EAs in new versions, but I know for sure that after this update users who have been using MegaDroid on two Live Accounts with one IP Address will not be allowed to do that anymore. You will have only 1 live account for 1 receipt number and you can change it by contacting their support, which is working quite good.

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Tips for installation of Leotrader Pro EA

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I was interested in this product since the launch as it was something new in the Forex Eas and had a good profitable performance according to the live trading statements. However, even for me it was difficult to install the EA at first. The new update had solved almost all the problems, but there still exist some issues, so in this article I would like to give people some tips that can help to install Leotrader version 1.10 properly.

1. Options of the Metatrader4 trading platform.

Go to Tools – Options – Expert Advisors tab and check the options as it’s shown in the Leotrader manual.

In Windows 7 and Vista there is need to check if the Metatrader4 trading platform is run from the Administrator rights as the Options won’t be changed. If you use these operation systems, navigate the folder of the MT4 platform, right-click on the terminal.exe file, go to Compatibility tab and check Run as Administrator, then Apply and Ok.

2. The EA can’t connect to the server and can’t be authenticated.

I don’t have antivirus software installed on my PC so I can’t say if one or another antivirus program won’t block the connection of the EA, but anyways I’d advise to disable it. As to the firewall settings, I’d also recommend disable it, as the DLL file of Leotrader needs specific connection and in some cases firewall can be the reason. In Windows 7 and Vista, there are also advanced options of firewall, so you need to ensure that you also disabled firewall there. For unblocking the DLL file, you’ll need to find the DLL file in the MT4 folder, right-click on it and click on Unblock button, then OK. I suggest to recheck the Properties again as for different reasons the file can be blocked again, so in such case you’ll need to recheck all the system if other software is the reason of blocking.

If such tips don’t help, then the problem can be caused by the internet connection and ports which are blocked by ISP. In this case, I’d recommend using VPS service.

3. Error 126, error 127 or MT4 crashes.

I won’t review common issues like options in the MT4 and EA options. If you used the old version of the EA, for some issues the DLL file may not be replaced by the new one of 1.10 version if you used automated installer option. I had some MT4 crashes while trying to attach Leotrader to the chart without knowing the reasons, but I noticed that the new version of DLL file has larger size than the used in the MT4 folder and while I was trying to delete it, the system refused to do it, so I needed to restart my PC and then manually delete the old DLL and paste the new one.
I can’t say anything about error 127, but I solved the problem by reinstalling the MT4 platform.

I doubt that all Leotrader customers know about the issue that the EA needs to be attached to only one chart, but I can’t say about the compatibility with other Eas, so I advise to run the EA on different trading account.

4. Alert window and non-trading activity.

While attaching the EA I had the pop-up window with such messages: “Ignored “open command for signal…” and after contacting the EA support, I realized that it’s only a warning that LeotraderPro couldn’t open the trade with old trading signal, so I just closed the window and that’s all.

Non-trading or incorrect trading is usually caused by the incorrect risk level in the Inputs of the EA or the connection to the broker.

Hope, these tips can help you to solve the problems, which can occur on your PC, and you’ll be glad to use LeotraderPro EA.

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