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MegaDroid’s 23/04 profit trade

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Today’s profitable trades with MegaDroid EA:

FXDD broker:

sell: +15 pips


InterBank FX:

sell: +150 pips


Alpari UK:

sell: +174 pips


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A lot of winning trades on MegaDroid Today

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I had some profitable trades on ForexMegaDroid. I think this robot waked up finally 🙂

  • ODL broker:

buy: +15 pips, +11 pips


  • ITradeFX broker:

buy: +10 pips, +15 pips


  • Alpari UK:

buy:  +108 pips, +170 pips


  • FXDD:

buy: +10 pips, +15 pips


  • InterBank FX:

buy: +140 pips, +100 pips


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IBFX increased their spread during the night sessions

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IBFX broker increased their spread during the market’s night to 4 (40 pips). This is high spread for EURUSD and I think they will lose some of their clients. Sometimes their spread is lower there, but it’s variable.

IMHO, they did it because of Forex MegaDroid activity. That is why I recommend you not to use this broker.

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Forex MegaDroid new version 1.10 released

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New version of ForexMegaDroid Expert Advisor – 1.10 is released.

There are several fixes there, one of them is Error 1000 – the most popular error of this advisor.

Please, download new version because old version won’t trade anymore.

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Forex MegaDroid Remote Setup for FREE (Limited offer)

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I have a plan to create monetized service of Forex Robots setup. I’ll install robots for a small fee using Remote Control Software. My prices won’t be very high. The first robot I’m planning to install for training is Forex MegaDroid.

That is why I will install Forex MegaDroid 10 times for free for the first 10 people. That is why it is a limited offer.

Important: I provide support only for Windows users and only on private PC’s. I don’t provide support for VPS services yet. After I install software on your PC I will reconnect immediately. I don’t know whether it will trade in future, but I will do my best to install it properly on your computer. Even if it is not compatible, I can try to fix it. But I can’t ensure you that it will be installed and it will work. Remember: I’m not MegaDroid’s support!

If you wan’t to take part in training, please send me an e-mail with next information:

1) Your name

2) Your coutry and city (or your timezone)

3) Your Windows Language

4) (optional) Your MSN messager login

5) (optional) Your Skype Login

6) (optional) Your ICQ number

7) When are you going to be online and ready to be supported (GMT or your time)

8) Do you realize, that this is not a MegaDroid’s support and it’s totally free, that is why there is no ensurance of success?

Send this information to:

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MegaDroid: Small profitable trade on Alpari UK

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Today small profitable trade happened on Alpari UK. I won only +3 pips, but this is a profit!

On various forums I read that robot is not trading on 5-digit prices. Now I’m sure that it is not true, because this is my third profitable trade on Alpari UK after 2 days of forward test. Now I selected Alpari UK as the one of the best brokers for Forex MegaDroid.

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MegaDroid: Winning trades on Alpari UK today

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Today I saw 2 profitable trades on Alpari UK. This is the first results report on Alpari, because I started to use them not long ago.

They are: sell +12 pips (+116 pips), buy +10 pips (+107 pips).



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