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How to disable PopUp window on MegaDroid website

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I think this info will be useful for MegaDroid affiliates, especially for referrals who are using Google Adwords with affiliated links. As you know Google disallow putting adwords advertisement to the websites, which contain popup windows. So that is why MegaDroid team decided to disable PopUp window using a special query variable passed together with the user.

The affiliate link without popup window looks like that –>

where bhsnav is your clickbank ID

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Forex Scalpa

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Several days ago together with Magic Bullet MegaDroid team decided to give new advisor Forex Scalpa as a bonus to all Magic Bullet clients.

The situation with Forex Scalpa is the same as with Accu-Scalper. This advisor comes only as bonus and it is not for sale. I think they are not going to sell these advisors in the future.

Forex Scalpa has it’s own official website:

This is a MD like scalper which is trading during the overnight session on EURGBP pair. It is good when the spread is low. To know which broker has best spread on EURGBP you can use this service:

Forex Scalpa backtests coming soon…

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FRWC update: new fusion preparing

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I heard that Forex Robot World Cup team is going to release new version of Fusion with better strategies used there. I hope that it will be better than current version of Fusion 1.21.

The main problem is that LMD is out of date. It was working good two months ago, but now market changed a bit and it is working much worse. Lets hope that in new Fusion they fixed LMD problem and added new hirider advanced there.

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Hirider Advanced

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Forex Robot World Cup Team has released new product: Hirider Advanced. It has the same strategy, but now it works much better as the stated. Lets see how it goes and lets hope that this type of Hirider will go better than old one, however, old one is not so bad also.

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CFTC 1:10 max leverage proposal

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As you might know, the US CFTC (Commodities and Futures Trading Commission) has put out a proposal of introducing the maximal leverage of 1:10 instead of the current 1:100. If this proposal ever goes into effect, it will mean a serious harm to retail Forex overall and any Forex-related business in particular (just imagine what it’s like trading a live account with a 1:10 leverage). The change will concern absolutely all US-regulated brokers, not just the NFA members. Comments on the proposal are currently being accepted from the general public until March 22, 2010 at with the words “Regulation of Retail Forex” in the email’s subject line.

Retail traders are campaigning massively against the measure, with over 6,000 comments having been submitted to CFTC to date (heck, even a known Forex magnate Michael Greenberg sent one).

I therefore urge everyone reading my blog to join me in this effort and submit their comments to the above email address.

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FAPTurbo IamFX one month trading results 04/02-13/03

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About one month ago I added FAPTurbo49 on my IAMFX Demo account to test it a little bit with my new settings. And it worked! It had a loss the same as MegaDroid had, because of high trend during the overnight session, which happens extremely rarely.

I will upload FAPTurbo statements monthly or even weekly sometimes if something interesting happens.

Here are my results:

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Fusion 22/02-13/03 trading results

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Fusion is Still in Profit. It had some drawdowns but overall result is profit. Soon I will publish my settings for Fusion.

>> My LIVE Updated Fusion Statement <<

Here are the overall results chart:

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