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Last 4 months of MegaDroid trading

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I think it’s time now to show you how MegaDroid is stable and profitable. It was launched on 30th of March 2009 and it is still making better profits that FAPturbo generates on two currencies on IamFX!

On ATC this robot is working profitable enough and very stable what is important when we are trading with autotraders and forex robots.

MegaDroid is still holding first position in my Forex Robots list.

NET Profit: 83.2% ($41600)

Maximal DrawDown: 7.09%

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FAP Turbo trading results for 5 months

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For more than 5 months FAPTurbo is trading on my IamFX account. It is in profit, but the results are not such sweet as expected. But it is still one of the most stable robots on the market. It is almost 2 years old and still showing positive results.

NET profit: 16.6% ($830)

Maximal Drawdown: 3,48%

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Prizes for affiliates on the launch

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Today I wanted to talk about prizes, that marketers prefer to promise their affiliates before the launch of any random product. They usually promise great prizes for top 3 affiliates.

Do you believe that this is true? Personally, I do not believe in this at all.

I don’t think that after the launch marketer will buy prizes because each affiliate has already got their commission and this is hard to waste money on prizes.

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Another chance to get Forex MegaDroid Pro

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MegaDroid team gives a chance to get Forex MegaDroid Pro as a bonus for Forex Maximizer.

Forex MegaDroid Pro is trading on 4 currency pairs including EURUSD, so it includes MegaDroid Standard in it + 3 additional pairs. The best pair is EURUSD but others are also rather good. This advisor can generate very big profits on small spreads so you should use it on ECN or STP brokers without dealing desk.

You will receive a link to download MegaDroid Pro after purchasing Forex Maximizer though their affiliate link. You should use this link only:

This is a good chance. Do not miss it!

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Forex Auto Trader for FREE

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I wanted to make announcement that Forex Auto Trader robot is now ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE!
You can get yourself a copy by subscribing to their newsletter. This is not a big price for this trend robot which is showing rather good results.

Follow this link and get yourself a copy:


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I decided to visit FXCM Currency Trading Expo in Las Vegas. There will be a lot of famous traders and robot developers. This would be great tosee them and this would be a great journey because it is LAS VEGAS. I hope that I will have a great time there, because, because it is not bery cheap journey.

You can learn all information about FXCM Expo here:

After the trip I’ll write my general impressions of the conference.

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14,5% Profit with MegaDroid during 1 month and a half

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I have some good news to you. MegaDroid robot is still alive and making big profits!

I put it on my ATC $50000 demo account and now it is 14,5% in profit. I think this is good results and it is better than FAPTurbo on IamFX for even longer period.

So the conclusion: MegaDroid is currently the best robot on the market. It is working great on all trading conditions, but you need a good broker to put it there and get money every week.

You can see trading results on the image below


I am not going to disclose my settings right now, but I will disclose them later for sure.

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