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I wanted to inform everybody, that MegaDroid team is working on new version of MegaDroid which is trading more often and earning more profits with constant accuracy ~90%. I am not sure that this is truth, but I also heard that they will offer a discount for active MegaDroid members, so don’t hurry up to make a refund as soon as you have a little loss.

Also I wanted to inform you that IMHO, Ivy Bot is worse than MegaDroid. They are getting a lot of refunds and soon their ratings will fall down.

Another thing that I wanted to tell you and which is important is that MegaDroid is working without problems on NFA brokers. The only thing you should be afraid of is that you can’t set various advisors on the same MT4 platform, because they will conflict with each other.

As you know there are a lot of modified versions of MegaDroid, versions with opened configuration options and advanced trading tactics. I don’t want to let you think that they all are fake, I just want you to remember that this guys didn’t develop MegaDroid and they don’t understand how it works like MegaDroid guys do. Don’t think that MegaDroid team is stupid and didn’t make that because they haven’t this idea.


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    1. Posted by Denis on Friday 21st September

      Well a lot of people do trade the makert. You just do not hear about it much due to its recent populatiry relative to stocks and other makerts. Forex is more volatile than most other makerts so you have constant, 24 hour, 5 days a week moving makert. More winners and also more losers. You also have to add the fact when trading you a dealing with two different currencies that are affected by two different economical changes. So it is a constant awareness game and it is constantly changing.

    2. Posted by Nicky on Saturday 14th November

      Hi Im an Internet marketer and just staertd promoting Forex Megadroid sales. Im also looking for additional products to sell in´╗┐ this category. If you are offering yours though an affiliate program and think it would compliment my current video offering then please let me know. And finally if you have a moment to subscribe to my channel I would appreciate it and will reciprocate by joining yours. Best regards Michael Pietrafesa

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