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Some updates about Forex Bullet Proof

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There are less than 3 days left before the Forex Bullet Proof launch. IT will take place at 9:00 am EST time on Tuesday 31th of August – the last summer day! 🙂

The launch of Bulletproof is going to be huge because FAPTurbo creators are big guys and they will tell everyone about this robot. I trust them and I hope that the robot would be really good so I will buy it. Now about the updates regarding this robot, I would like to deliver the hottest info to my readers to know everything right before the launch:

  • ForexBulletProof is having 10 people on Support and they are REAL people. They will cover 22 hours daily and they are using KAYAKO Support Suite for tickets and live chats.
  • ForexBulletProof is using special Members Area to concentrate Download Links, Tutorials, Licences there. You will be able to get several copies of robot or upsell and all Receipt numbers (used for authentication) will be places there for your comfort. This is really the first robot with such Members Area, FAPTurbo doesn’t have such great options.
  • If you are not a client, you still have access to Support Team so you can ask any question. They have special Department: Non-customer Support for it. But they will not reveal some special things that are available only for clients of course.
  • They will offer two upsells: One consists of two EAs with risky strategy and second one is Manual Trading strategy that really works. They will cost $150 for both Upsells or $99 for each.
  • The main product costs $147 – not a lot so if you lose them you will not cry for the long  time. Clickbank has 2 months of refund period so you will be able to test robot very well.

That is all I know about it currently but I do not see any reasons not to buy this robot.

Take care everybody and lets see what will happen on the launch.

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  1. Posted by Kaori on Friday 21st September

    Hi,It’s not the best for your reputation if you are reniemmndocg PipBrains. PipBrains is a loser and Andy is not refunding the purchase price as promised! He is not even answering emails. PipBrains cannot manage current trading conditions!

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