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Stealth Mode in MegaDroid

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I just wanted to inform you about one setting and feature of Forex MegaDroid expertSlealth Mode.

SlealthMode is made for hiding from brokers. Brokers can always track any of your trades and if they don’t allow scalping they are able to close your account.

MegaDroid’s take profit value is always lower than 15 pips and to hide this from your broker Slealth system is changing it to higher value, but it continues to close trades at 15 pips. This is a good idea but at the same time this is a bit dangerous because of broker’s delays.

So the conclusion is:

1) If your broker allows scalping, you can easily turn Stealth Mode off this may help with LIVE trading.

2) If you have unstable internet connection you should also turn Stealth Mode off.


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  1. Posted by Gary on Saturday 8th August

    So if your broker openly states that they are happy with clients using expert advisers such as Megadroid (which is what the lady from told me yesterday), then you can set Stealth=false.


  2. Posted by Ando on Sunday 28th September

    Let’s get real, it, having been used by Hedge Funds and large craglomeonte CEOs and other inside officers has enticed too much corruption and is sucking the US Dollar value dry! If you think a stock is going down, sell it .simple as that and make the big boys do that too! No more of this cooperative bouncing the stock between option strike prices to suck the capital out of hard working American’s retirement savings! Lets get the common back in the stock market!

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